Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday offer - This Friday

After a long time being away from here it is good to be back!

I am excited to share the news from our company
See the Thanksgiving Super Savers  in the enclosed video!

Dear Vollara Family:
"In today's email, you will find some incredible specials to get you through the Thanksgiving
holiday season here in the U.S. and across Canada as well. We've put some very special offers
to help invigorate your organization, your pocketbook, and also to help support your endeavors with your GTOs.
Bill CoyleWe want to thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, commitment and passion
you've shown this year at Vollara. We wish you all a very safe, blessed and
Happy Thanksgiving!
– Bill Coyle, Executive VP and CSO"
See the Thanksgiving Super Savers!
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Watch the Thanksgiving Video From Bill Coyle
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