Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Purpose of Business PART IV.

6. Drop Boxes/Flyers - working for you 24/7 to generate leads
  • Professional boxes with surveys for people to fill out if they have problems our products can solve., 5 for $20.
    • Fresh Air
    • Powerworx
    • Petri Dishes
  • Set up a highly visual display anywhere people wait
    • Start with any business you frequent
    • Home Improvement Stores or Expos
    • Oil Lubes, Car Washes
    • Pizza places or carry out restaurants
    • Nail or Hair Salons
    • Prescription pick ups
    • Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor offices
    • Massage centers
    • Child Care Centers
    • Pet Groomers
  • Offer a gift certificate from that business so the owner benefits as well
    • Free large pizza
    • Free oil change
    • Free Pet Grooming
  • Check back to pick up survey leads every few days
  • Place flyers or business cards on Bulletin Boards anywhere
    • Flyers available to download from EcoQuest Business Center
      • Libraries
      • Coffee Houses
7. Classified Ads - low cost advertising
  • Small newspapers are read more thoroughly and cost less; best to target towns of 20,000-30,000 population
  • Be repetitive; Run them for several weeks. Usually, people see things multiple times before responding. It builds a feeling they can trust you if you're around for awhile.
  • Magazines to target niche markets; example: Powerworx/ LaundryPure in a 'Green' focused magazine
  • Work at home ads; possibly focused on economic challenges/extra income, job loss, electricians to add Powerworx, realtors, mortgage lenders, mothers with small children, retirees . . .
  • Retail ads marketing our high profit products - Fresh Air, DuctWorx, PowerWorx, LaundryPure, Springhouse, ect. These ads should focus on offering solutions to energy, air, and water needs
  • Have an Attention Grabber as a catchy lead or header
  • Don't spend a lot of money - keep the ads short and simple. Research various papers and get cost estimates of running your ad.
  • Use local number if you're running ads locally or an 800 number if your ad is online or out of the local area code
8. Direct Mail
  • Low cost way to expose or market your business to a lot of people
  • Decide what you want to advertise: product, business or grand opening
  • Create Material: Postcards, Letters, Flyers, Sales Ads, Doorhangers
  • Create a Mailing list targeting specific areas or niche markets
    • Search, by zip, city/county, home owner, household income, pets, high-tech household, etc. They will send 100 free contacts in a file that you can then import directly into microsoft work to print labels.
    • For doorhangers, target neighborhoods with high electric bills or playgrounds in the backyard (make the hanger germ-related or supplemental-income based). Spend half a day and get some exercise! Have a plan and an answer ready for anyone who asks what you are doing.
  • Mail and follow up using or
  • Plan your follow up and write out a script to practice with, so you're prepared and know what to say when you engage in conversation or follow up.