Saturday, February 28, 2009


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In order to understand Sales and Marketing, we must first understand the purpose of business. Unfortunately, many people have the misunderstanding that the purpose of business is to make money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Money is a byproduct of successfully providing a solution to someone’s problem.

“The purpose of business is to solve problems.”

For most of us who have worked for someone else, all the marketing and advertising was done by the company owner or whoever he gave that job to. Interest was created and people came into the place of business where we worked. We did whatever job we were paid to do to help make that business successful.
But now WE are the "Business Owner," so not only do we get to determine our income and level of success, but we also get to be as creative as we'd like to be, in regards to marketing and advertising our business.
So once we understand that the purpose of business is to solve problems, we can then understand that marketing is all about figuring out . . .
  • What problems we have a solution for
  • What kinds of people have these problems
  • Where these people are and how to reach them
  • How to get their attention and interest

The essence of efficient business resource utilization is in understanding who our potential customer is, what benefit they desire, and how to reach them with our value proposition. Our ability to find potential customers that need our products and to show them that we can solve their problem for a fair value exchange will determine for the most part our business success.


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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best seller - Author, Robert Kiyosaki - video clip

As everyone is struggling these days, I just had a friend run this video by me.

When you look at good VS bad, poor VS rich, you start thinking how is that possible;
There is always a possibility for advancement and indeed, as the author is explaining is your will that will drive you to make the wright decisions in life; for some of us is the saturation of being poor for too long, for others is being tired of their boss, the politics, and for the most is not having enough MONEY - as a rule.....

(Around election time, everyone says - this president will resolve our problem, or always RICH people are favored - oh, well... let's face it, without them there will be NO jobs out there)
Then in the first presidential speech on the latest election, the president said: "It's time to be responsible, take control of your life,..." - yeah, that's wright!

Why not be one of them and then you will have your great satisfaction for all your achievements and the legacy you create.

This video is very educational and I got to have many friends that will agree with me, GREAT inspirational piece!

Enjoy the video clip; it's worth the time.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Healthland select - in Brief

In Brief -

Heartland Select grape juice is been growing in American for the longest times, it is a high-end juice product with a proprietary blend of red grape juices featuring MUSCADINE grape
juice as the primary ingredient.

The blend also includes syrah grape juice (we all had the syrah wine at lest once, I have no doubts) and cabernet grape juice, both of which provide high levels of antioxidants, and a natural grape pomace powder for added antioxidant benefits.

Benefits (the list can go on...)

  • • Helps you reach the recommended 3000 to 5000 daily ORAC units,with 3764 ORAC units per serving.
  • • Fights free radicals with a high proprietary blend of unique antioxidants from grapes.
  • • Helps protect against the negative health effects of pollution and other toxins.
  • • Promotes healthy circulation, immunity, and younger looking skin.I need Heartland Select if . . .
  • • I don’t consume at least 5 servings of high ORAC foods.
  • • I want extra support for healthy circulation, immunity and younger looking skin.
  • • I want to support nerve and brain function.
  • • My doctor or dentist has recommended an antioxidant supplement.
  • • I want to fight the aging effects of a toxic environment and poor diet.
Ingredients found in Heartland Select have countless scientific papers supporting their health benefits.

Take care of your Health and you Hearth!

I also included on opportunity video. For more info you can reach me at: or by phone at 608-588-2323

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