Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easy way to protect yourself

In our day by day life there are so many things we can get to learn from; it's either for our protection, for preserving our health, for a continuing education or for a better improved lifestyle;

If it's not Swine Flu1, it's MRSA, if it's not MRSA is whatever, - now the latest on protecting yourself is still in your power!

My Invisible Gloves™ is a specially formulated germ-fighting skin lotion that forms a water/sweat-proof barrier to protect healthy skin from contamination and irritation in three ways, for up to four hours.

  • safe for all skin types
  • will not adversely affect latex glove integrity
  • non-toxic
  • pH balanced
  • non-irritant
  • fragrance free
  • non-water soluble
  • hypo-allergenic
We wish you a safe spring and you to stay Healthy and well!

Happy Spring everyone