Monday, March 16, 2009

The purpose of Business Part V

9. E-Leads
  • E-Commerce is the new marketing way to do business
  • Fastest way to share or find information
  • Work from your own home office in your most comfortable clothing
  • Flexibility of time schedule, set your own hours and schedule appointments
  • Internet leads such as CEM, Cadle Christian, Best Leads, Leadstore, others
    • Paid Advertising: a way to have people contacting you for information
    • Use CWFH system for simple duplication of the Success Cycle
      • Scripts and Email templates available thru CWFH system
    • Listen to Power Trainings to understand each step thru the Success Cycle
    • Your Sr. Partner will coach you as you develop your skills
    • Discuss lead sources with Sr. Partner before investing time and money
  • Blogging for free leads/conversations
  • Business chat rooms - find people with similar business interests
10. Trade Booths
  • Animal shows: horses, dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits . . .
  • Health expos
  • New Home shows
  • Home Improvement shows
  • Mall Kiosk - set up one during the holidays or during a trade show
  • Be sure to talk to other Vendors at Mall shows, visit other booths, become an affiliate if their business compliments ours help each other market products
  • Set up a booth with some of our products, use a professional EQ Banner
  • Do a Giveaway
    • A Fresh Air Focus or Free In Home Sanitizing Certificates etc.
    • Use a drop box with survey sheets so you can sort thru them
  • Be creative, use petri dishes, give them out for people to test their air quality and follow up with a unit placement
  • Use your living proof demo, do the onion or ammonica test
  • Read Guaranteed Prospects by Mike Jackson, order at
11. Trade Groups
  • Plumbers, Electricians, Carpet Cleaners, Pharmacists, Chiropracters, HVAC, Realtors
  • Exposure to make them aware of what we have
  • Initiate conversation to create interest, exchange information, schedule a follow up
  • Set up a booth at a Trade Group Expo
    • Powerworx Banner, DVD player and monitor or laptop to show Powerworx flash presentation, PW brochures, PW units, Demo unit, business cards
    • Other technology products and brochures such as FA, LP, Focus, EcoBox, Buddy
  • Interact with crowd, use some catchy one-liners
    • Are you interested in slowing your electrical meter down?
    • Are you interested in saving money on your electric bill?
    • If I could show you a way to increase your income by . . . by solving a problem in a $90 billion marketplace, would you be interested?
  • They are always looking for ways to grow their business so keep the conversation centered around how you can help them.
  • Visit other booths and exchange cards, develop a business relationship
  • People do business with people they know, like and trust, so talk to everyone!
  • Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up!

12. Radio
  • Great way to reach a lot of people at one time.
  • Retail or Recruiting Ads/Co-ops
    • Experienced business owners usually run commercials
    • Owners pool resources and run ads together
      • Distribute leads in rotation (co-op)
  • Talk shows focused on local issues
    • MRSA, water quality, Energy efficiency, 'Going Green'
    • Don't try to sell - Educate the listeners about new technology/solutions available for their problems
    • Have testimonials, examples and stories
    • Get your local number on the airwaves as a way for people to get their questions answered.
  • As always, HAVE FUN!

  • ***************************************************************************************************************************