Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter Energy Pack at OLD prices

The company just announces some price increase on several items, now take a moment to review the items included in this message and see if this is any of your interest.

With the Winter Energy Pack, you're getting a Safehearth and PowerwoRx, and we'll throw in a Pursonic Mister for you. That's a savings of 71-74%* on the Mister!

This is a limited time offer. Order now to take advantage of this great deal.

Prices just got up, slithly.

Winter Energy Pack item # US40832B

See more of the product info on

Call for your best price!

For those who are interested to enter a great business opportunity, I am attaching a link to OUR Family Economic Stimulus Package:

"EcoQuest is reversing the risk of starting a new business with this program," says Mike Jackson. "This package allows people to enter into a business with EcoQuest without fear. This is not an enticement, not something for nothing. It is a challenge."

With the new plan, if new or existing Business Owners buy a Success Pack or Clip 6 in February and vigorously pursue their businesses, EcoQuest agrees to buy back unsold merchandise for up to one year! Certain qualifications exist, so be sure to download the agreement.

Here is a combo info sheet of the package you are about to buy!