Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Technology Reduces Exposure To MRSA Staph

This is a great time for a reminder to ourselves that MRSA is still out there; the fact that is more found in schools, whirlpool, showers, dormitories, should keep us on our toes.

MRSA "Superbug" has become more and more difficult to treat and it has migrated from hospitals into the community.
The general public can take preventative measures to stop the spread of this bacteria by avoiding skin to skin contact, covering cuts and scrapes, and washing your hands frequently.

Sending children back to school can be a relief for parents but also a cause for concern as they bring back, not only homework, but also germs. The MRSA infection, in particular continues to make headlines, but just how great is the risk to your child and is there is anything you can do help prevent the spread of this so-called superbug?

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There is an epidemic of Staph Infection; see more video (but
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