Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Healthy gift ideas!

Technology for Your New Lifestyle - if need to order please contact me by e-mail at or phone in - direct line at 608-588-2323; enjoy your holiday season!

PDF catalog;

You can also order on line at vollara!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Embrace a Healthy Life - Bioactive Micro-Algae Complex Dietary Supplement

Now really is the time...

Immunitize helps support your natural defense systems with a unique combination of natural extracts and vitamins, centered around a patented, clinically-tested, all-natural, micro-algae complex supplement.

For a truly amazing immunity product...

Immunitize comes from renowned origins, with the ImmuXT™ extract having been researched and developed by scientists at major U.S. institution. Further research has been conducted at other major institutions, including The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, which also awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Available exclusively to you as a Distributor...

You can order now from your EcoQuest EBC or Heartland Select web site or visit for more information. Please note shipping for this product is scheduled to begin in approximately 10 business days.

*****Immunitize is distributed exclusively through Vollara dealers. *******

add Immunitize (US60641) to your shopping cart and indicate you would like to Autoship on the "Review Order" page when you check out. When you’ve completed your autoship, you will see a confirmation reflecting the special pricing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get connected

...with EcoQuest Meetings

You will hear the latest company updates, listen to and learn from EcoQuest's top recruiters and Business Owners, and network with people from your area.

There is a variety of times and days for you to choose around your schedule, to sit in the conference calls and learn!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making It Through Recession | Gomestic

I decided to write an article on this subject, since that was one experience we had and share what we have learned through that process.

Making It Through Recession | Gomestic

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fundrsaiser event hosted by the Usonian Inn LLC

You are in for some fun!

Let's celebrate Wisconsin River with some music, food and drinks!

...and later on in the evening or the Party After the Party,...we'll have karaoke!

Plan to be here!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Business opportunity

For a society going to a great recession, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn
How to Earn, with no money down!

Thank you to Andrew and Diane Champa, for sharing this online presentation with us!

Give yourself a chance!

OR call me at 608-588-2323

Friday, June 5, 2009

Initiating into the GREEN world!

I will volunteer 2 hour 2 night this coming week, to offer FREE consult to those interested in initiating Into Green!

I am trying to personalize my phone calls, asses individualized needs; you might want to schedule your call with me beforehand.
I will be able to phone in to those that don't have Free long distance!

Part I
Assess Your living lifestyle and - 1st steps to Start GREENING Your home!
15 minutes length/caller

Part II
Determine what's your Health concern (if any);
Learn how going green impacts your Health!
15-20 minutes length/caller

Tuesday - 7PM - 8PM (central standard time)
Thursday - 7PM - 8PM (central standard time)

Reply on this or call to get your spot: 608-588-2323

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easy way to protect yourself

In our day by day life there are so many things we can get to learn from; it's either for our protection, for preserving our health, for a continuing education or for a better improved lifestyle;

If it's not Swine Flu1, it's MRSA, if it's not MRSA is whatever, - now the latest on protecting yourself is still in your power!

My Invisible Gloves™ is a specially formulated germ-fighting skin lotion that forms a water/sweat-proof barrier to protect healthy skin from contamination and irritation in three ways, for up to four hours.

  • safe for all skin types
  • will not adversely affect latex glove integrity
  • non-toxic
  • pH balanced
  • non-irritant
  • fragrance free
  • non-water soluble
  • hypo-allergenic
We wish you a safe spring and you to stay Healthy and well!

Happy Spring everyone

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Clear the Air - Literarly!

Spring - is lots of fun, from watching trough the windows to bring yourself outdoor; from thinking cold, cloudy and super cold,... to planing just outside activities, Spring is fun, inviting, a time you want to be outside more and more...

And, now, - how are you feeling!? about being outside, enjoying what you like doing, seeing the results of you hard working hands, your gardens blooming!...
Ok, ok, that's all fun in the sunshine!

How about doing what you like indoors, inside the house yet!
Is the air quality the same as the fresh pure mountain air - inside your house!?
Are you breathing safely? - are you feeling secure?!

Fresh air for the house

Spring Time solution

Learn to live a safer life!

Order products while on sale!
Promotion ends by the end of this month!
Call to get the discounted prices



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dr. Marsden has been studying ActivePure for over 5 years

Now when everyone is still concern in life about so many things and in addition about the Swine Flu, I think we can all learn from people that dedicated their time researching great technology that help us stay healthy.

Swine Flu Concerns/Dr. James Marsden Interview - advice
  • Practice good health habits including adequate sleep, keeping physically active and eating nutritious food.

  • Wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based hand cleaners and water often.

  • Try to avoid close contact with people who have fever and cough.

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

  • Throw tissues in the trash after you use them.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth (germs spread this way).

Here is the latest on his study and his interview!

"The consumption of pork products is safe. Swine influenza has not been shown to be transmissible to people through eating pork. Swine flu viruses are killed by cooking temperatures of 160°F/70°C.

Recently our National Field Leader, Mike Jackson conducted an interview with Kansas State University Regent's Distinguished Professor, Dr. James Marsden about concerns over swine flu and the effectiveness of ActivePure technology against contaminants on surfaces*.

Dr. Marsden has been studying ActivePure for over 5 years, and has much to say about this powerful technology and its effectiveness.

Click here to listen to this informative interview.

*Published scientific testing with Kansas State University has demonstrated the use of EcoQuest's ActivePure technology to substantially reduce microbial populations on surfaces. No claim with respect to airborne microbials is made based on these results. Field results may vary based on environmental conditions. These results have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not a medical device intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

If you want to learn more e-mail me at, or leave a comment.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day - 10 Day maratthon Celebration

April 20th to April 30th, 2009

We made a decision as to celebrate earth day
by having the GREATEST discount offer EVER;

Items of $300 - $500 will be discounted $50 -
Items at 500 - $750 will be discounted $100.

Start your search here:

See what's your interest and place order by phone or mail me your order request!
608.588.2323 OR


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring is in the air - Solo ad

Spring is in the Air.

Great EcoQuest products that are made for Springtime.

Healthy Resolutions IconLook for this Icon for Spring EcoQuest Products to help you keep with this upcoming Spring season..

January 1st Image

"It's spring-time again and all across the country, people with allergies are sniffling, sneezing, and generally suffering. It can be hard to see the flowers for the itchy eyes.

If you're one of the more than 50 million people with allergies, you may already know the symptoms - itchy nose, eyes, ears, and throat; sneezing; and red, watery eyes. More than just a nuisance, these symptoms can actually interfere with your life. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can lead a normal life.

EcoQuest's ActivePure Technology™, the secret to our unique air purification products, actively kills germs and mold on surfaces*, while our Gemini with HEPA+ takes allergens out of the air. Whether it's pollen, mold, smoke, odors, or pet dander, EcoQuest has a product to help improve your environment.

And, while we can't cure you of allergies, we can take some of the dread out of spring and help you enjoy yourself again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In "Today's Economy" - where to cut

How do you stay healthy, young and spend less, and indeed, spend less time in your doctor's office.

Take the poll and see if you are able to commit to staying healthy and preserve your youth with less spending.
The part I like the most is that you don't have to spend hours and hours in the Gym and have to deal with everyone's sweat - yeah right!

Furthermore, look into this spring season and see what can help you with your allergy; with spring coming people tend to spend more time outdoor and you get exposed more often to all the pollutants in the air and not many solutions for the healing process.

Your Eco-Logical home and my allergy story

Find out inexpensive ways to have a clean house and "BREATH EASY"


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Spring Catalog is HERE!

The Spring catalog is out see link bellow

It’s spring-time again and all across the country, people are sniffling,
sneezing, and generally suffering - it can be hard to see the flowers for the itchy eyes. I know I have that problem with season changes. If you’re one of the more than 50 million people affected, you may already know the symptoms, no deet to mention,-itchy nose, eyes, ears, and throat,
sneezing, and red, watery eyes.
More than just a nuisance, these symptoms can actually interfere with your life.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can lead a normal life. EcoQuest’s ActivePure Technology™, the secret to our unique air purification products, actively kills germs and mold on surfaces, while our Gemini adds true HEPA filtration to efficiently reduce particulate. Whether it’s mold on surfaces, smoke, odors, or just the stuff that always comes with spring, EcoQuest has a product to help improve your environment. And, while we can’t cure you of allergies, we can take some of the dread out of spring and help you enjoy yourself again.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Wisconsin business opportunity meeting

Learn how to develop and grow your EcoQuest business and become more effective.

Guests have FREE admission!

Bring your guests and inspire them to join us as we help others improve their lives. You will hear the latest company updates, listen to and learn from EcoQuest's top recruiters and Business Owners, and network with people from your area.

Find a Meeting Today!

United States & Canada Open Meetings United States Flag Icon

Your referral inforamtion is
Carolina Dursina

Dealer Open Meetings Details

Meetings Details are below:

Business Opportunity and Technology Showcase
Host: Linda Schmidtke
Date or Frequency: March 24 2009
Registration Time: 6:00 pm
Meeting Time: 6:15 PM
Cost: FREE
Location: Office
Address: 2811 10th St. South
City: Wisconsin Rapids
State/Province: WI
Zip/Postal: 54494
Contact: David and Janine Malcolm 715 421 1615

Linda Schmidtke 715 387 3690

Help us help you.

If you're looking for assistance, or you have questions about any of the meeting information you see here, please use the following contact information below.

Email Iconmeetings

Email IconCall 800.989.2299

Monday, March 16, 2009

The purpose of Business Part V

9. E-Leads
  • E-Commerce is the new marketing way to do business
  • Fastest way to share or find information
  • Work from your own home office in your most comfortable clothing
  • Flexibility of time schedule, set your own hours and schedule appointments
  • Internet leads such as CEM, Cadle Christian, Best Leads, Leadstore, others
    • Paid Advertising: a way to have people contacting you for information
    • Use CWFH system for simple duplication of the Success Cycle
      • Scripts and Email templates available thru CWFH system
    • Listen to Power Trainings to understand each step thru the Success Cycle
    • Your Sr. Partner will coach you as you develop your skills
    • Discuss lead sources with Sr. Partner before investing time and money
  • Blogging for free leads/conversations
  • Business chat rooms - find people with similar business interests
10. Trade Booths
  • Animal shows: horses, dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits . . .
  • Health expos
  • New Home shows
  • Home Improvement shows
  • Mall Kiosk - set up one during the holidays or during a trade show
  • Be sure to talk to other Vendors at Mall shows, visit other booths, become an affiliate if their business compliments ours help each other market products
  • Set up a booth with some of our products, use a professional EQ Banner
  • Do a Giveaway
    • A Fresh Air Focus or Free In Home Sanitizing Certificates etc.
    • Use a drop box with survey sheets so you can sort thru them
  • Be creative, use petri dishes, give them out for people to test their air quality and follow up with a unit placement
  • Use your living proof demo, do the onion or ammonica test
  • Read Guaranteed Prospects by Mike Jackson, order at
11. Trade Groups
  • Plumbers, Electricians, Carpet Cleaners, Pharmacists, Chiropracters, HVAC, Realtors
  • Exposure to make them aware of what we have
  • Initiate conversation to create interest, exchange information, schedule a follow up
  • Set up a booth at a Trade Group Expo
    • Powerworx Banner, DVD player and monitor or laptop to show Powerworx flash presentation, PW brochures, PW units, Demo unit, business cards
    • Other technology products and brochures such as FA, LP, Focus, EcoBox, Buddy
  • Interact with crowd, use some catchy one-liners
    • Are you interested in slowing your electrical meter down?
    • Are you interested in saving money on your electric bill?
    • If I could show you a way to increase your income by . . . by solving a problem in a $90 billion marketplace, would you be interested?
  • They are always looking for ways to grow their business so keep the conversation centered around how you can help them.
  • Visit other booths and exchange cards, develop a business relationship
  • People do business with people they know, like and trust, so talk to everyone!
  • Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up!

12. Radio
  • Great way to reach a lot of people at one time.
  • Retail or Recruiting Ads/Co-ops
    • Experienced business owners usually run commercials
    • Owners pool resources and run ads together
      • Distribute leads in rotation (co-op)
  • Talk shows focused on local issues
    • MRSA, water quality, Energy efficiency, 'Going Green'
    • Don't try to sell - Educate the listeners about new technology/solutions available for their problems
    • Have testimonials, examples and stories
    • Get your local number on the airwaves as a way for people to get their questions answered.
  • As always, HAVE FUN!

  • ***************************************************************************************************************************

Business opportunity easy to reach!

It's your specialty "SAVING"? See this demo that can help you understand how to use this "Prescription for the whole house"!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Purpose of Business PART IV.

6. Drop Boxes/Flyers - working for you 24/7 to generate leads
  • Professional boxes with surveys for people to fill out if they have problems our products can solve., 5 for $20.
    • Fresh Air
    • Powerworx
    • Petri Dishes
  • Set up a highly visual display anywhere people wait
    • Start with any business you frequent
    • Home Improvement Stores or Expos
    • Oil Lubes, Car Washes
    • Pizza places or carry out restaurants
    • Nail or Hair Salons
    • Prescription pick ups
    • Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor offices
    • Massage centers
    • Child Care Centers
    • Pet Groomers
  • Offer a gift certificate from that business so the owner benefits as well
    • Free large pizza
    • Free oil change
    • Free Pet Grooming
  • Check back to pick up survey leads every few days
  • Place flyers or business cards on Bulletin Boards anywhere
    • Flyers available to download from EcoQuest Business Center
      • Libraries
      • Coffee Houses
7. Classified Ads - low cost advertising
  • Small newspapers are read more thoroughly and cost less; best to target towns of 20,000-30,000 population
  • Be repetitive; Run them for several weeks. Usually, people see things multiple times before responding. It builds a feeling they can trust you if you're around for awhile.
  • Magazines to target niche markets; example: Powerworx/ LaundryPure in a 'Green' focused magazine
  • Work at home ads; possibly focused on economic challenges/extra income, job loss, electricians to add Powerworx, realtors, mortgage lenders, mothers with small children, retirees . . .
  • Retail ads marketing our high profit products - Fresh Air, DuctWorx, PowerWorx, LaundryPure, Springhouse, ect. These ads should focus on offering solutions to energy, air, and water needs
  • Have an Attention Grabber as a catchy lead or header
  • Don't spend a lot of money - keep the ads short and simple. Research various papers and get cost estimates of running your ad.
  • Use local number if you're running ads locally or an 800 number if your ad is online or out of the local area code
8. Direct Mail
  • Low cost way to expose or market your business to a lot of people
  • Decide what you want to advertise: product, business or grand opening
  • Create Material: Postcards, Letters, Flyers, Sales Ads, Doorhangers
  • Create a Mailing list targeting specific areas or niche markets
    • Search, by zip, city/county, home owner, household income, pets, high-tech household, etc. They will send 100 free contacts in a file that you can then import directly into microsoft work to print labels.
    • For doorhangers, target neighborhoods with high electric bills or playgrounds in the backyard (make the hanger germ-related or supplemental-income based). Spend half a day and get some exercise! Have a plan and an answer ready for anyone who asks what you are doing.
  • Mail and follow up using or
  • Plan your follow up and write out a script to practice with, so you're prepared and know what to say when you engage in conversation or follow up.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Purpose of Business Part III

Cold Market - People you don't know . . . yet
  • Always be looking for:
    • People with problems we can solve
      • Grocery - someone buying cat food
      • Nail salons - workers wearing face masks
      • Marketing director with an environmental company doing surveys
      • Ask questions to uncover a need
    • People who need supplemental income or a career change
  • Find people doing things well
    • Pay them a compliment
    • Ask them if they enjoy what they're doing
    • Ask them if they plan to retire from that job
  • Word of mouth, elevator speech, short infomercials
    • Step outside your comfort zone
    • Learn to relate to people and show interest in them
    • Be ready to give a short overview of what we do
  • Church or School Newsletters or Bulletins
  • Local Fundraisers
    • Scouts, Athletics, Civic
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • Send Business Announcement Letters to Businesses
    • Daycares, Nursing Homes
    • Follow up with Director, Manager or Administrator
  • Placement Referrals - always ask for Referrals to keep your contact list growing
    • Use testimonial letters in your presentation book when contacting referrals
4. DVD, CD, Magazine, Brochure, Business Card - keep on hand
  • Have some EcoQuest Tools on hand or in your car to pass out locally
  • No real presentation skills needed other than a friendly face
  • Make a plan and schedule time to hand out a tool every day to expose people to the products and possibly the business
    • Barry Durbin takes 3 DVDs out with him every day when he goes to lunch
    • Set a goal to get one appointment with a DVD or brochure every day
    • Be ready to converse with people about what you do
      • 'National Marketing Director looking to field test our Environmental technology and get some testimonials - who do you know . . .'
    • Use Indirect Approach to ask who they know who . . .
  • Use 3 feet rule - talk to anyone who comes within 3 feet of you
  • Place them in Doctor offices, nursing homes, daycares
  • Leave them laying around if you were a patient at an office
  • 250 Free Business cards available at
5. Reverse Advertising - look for Professionals who may be open to another income revenue
  • Pick up business cards or names from other businesses and contact them to see if they might be interested in adding income to their current occupation
  • Find names of professionals on
    • Bulletin boards
    • Flyers
    • Classified Ads
    • Commercial trucks with business name on side
    • Direct mail sent to us
  • We are looking for professionals such as
    • HVAC Contractors
    • Electricians
    • Carpet Cleaners
    • House Cleaners
    • Painters
    • Telemarketers
    • Sales Solicitors
  • Leave voicemail messages at businesses after hours

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Purpose of business - Part II

1. Warm Market Approaches & Letters - People You Know
  • Business Announcement Letters - create your list from all databases
    • Christmas card list
    • Address books
    • Cell phone contacts
    • Professional contacts
    • Facebook
    • Myspace
    • Work contacts
    • People you would invite to child's wedding,
    • Local phone book - start in the A's and go thru the alphabet . . .
      • who do I know who is an Attorney, Banker, Child care provider, Doctor
  • Emails to Announce Business and Online Stores
  • Phone calls to Follow Up on letters and emails sent
  • Use Indirect Approach - who do you know . . .
    • Make contact and identify interest
    • Give information thru website or DVD
    • Schedule appointment with Sr. Partner
  • Offer Energy Coupons, Hawaii Vacation Coupon, Sanitization Certificates
  • Gift Certificates available for birthdays, weddings etc
2. Meetings - to Announce Your Business or Introduce New Products
  • Grand Opening/Business Open House:
    • Most businesses have one to let the public know they're open
    • Opportunity for brand new business owners to showcase their products to people they are comfortable with
    • Liquidate a Success Pack and generate $1300+ in one night (or one week)
    • Invite 20-30 people, send invitations or call 2-3 wks in advance, ask for RSVP, give your phone number and directions, encourage people to bring a friend and offer a prize for whoever brought the most guests
    • Share your story - why you started a business
    • Give a short IAQ (indoor air quality talk)
    • Living Proof demo, ammonia and/or onion test, pudding test with Essentials
    • Door Prizes, Special Attendance Bonus - give Free 3 day Sanitization Certificates to all in attendance
    • Add every name to your Contact list & Follow Up!
  • Going Green Expo - introduce a new product such as Powerworx,
    • Focus on economy and saving money on energy, doctor bills
    • Display any other products in our 'Green' line you may have
  • Healthy Home Party - make it a potluck party
    • Get together with friends for any occasion at your home
    • Become a host of healthy home expos and offer a free Fresh Air as a booking gift with 5 FA sales ($1300/$800)
  • Presentations to Realtors, Property Managers, Home Business Asso.
    • "I'd like to set up a gourmet lunch or breakfast for your group and do a professional demonstration of a new environmental treatment system that applies to real estate. The demo takes about 20 minutes and we can talk while your group eats. Would you be interested?"
    • Expect 10-20 people, $100 for a simple breakfast or lunch
    • Same presentation and offer to clean up their most challenging listing
    • Have about 10 units in your car, secure with check or CC - not processed or cashed for 10 days
    • Follow up, asking what they've noticed, finalize the sales
  • Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Lyons Club, Women's Clubs
  • Business Network Incorporated
    • Network with other professionals to share your business as you share theirs
    • Chapters will have a plumber, electrician, home builder, HVAC, banker, realtor, wedding planner, doctor, dentist, chiropractor etc. - all people we could share business clients with
    • You'll be in a rotation to give a 10 minute business presentation - Living Proof, ammonia or onion test; switch it up to present different products
    • Whole idea of a professional networking group is to give referrals and do business with them. Motto: "Givers Gain." You become connected to not just their current clientele but their warm market and cold market as well.
    • Zig Ziglar said it best, "Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want." The best way to build trust & credibility with someone is to refer business to them.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Pipeline Document

Pipeline Training MP3

Marketing List


In order to understand Sales and Marketing, we must first understand the purpose of business. Unfortunately, many people have the misunderstanding that the purpose of business is to make money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Money is a byproduct of successfully providing a solution to someone’s problem.

“The purpose of business is to solve problems.”

For most of us who have worked for someone else, all the marketing and advertising was done by the company owner or whoever he gave that job to. Interest was created and people came into the place of business where we worked. We did whatever job we were paid to do to help make that business successful.
But now WE are the "Business Owner," so not only do we get to determine our income and level of success, but we also get to be as creative as we'd like to be, in regards to marketing and advertising our business.
So once we understand that the purpose of business is to solve problems, we can then understand that marketing is all about figuring out . . .
  • What problems we have a solution for
  • What kinds of people have these problems
  • Where these people are and how to reach them
  • How to get their attention and interest

The essence of efficient business resource utilization is in understanding who our potential customer is, what benefit they desire, and how to reach them with our value proposition. Our ability to find potential customers that need our products and to show them that we can solve their problem for a fair value exchange will determine for the most part our business success.


Winter Energy Pack at OLD prices

The company just announces some price increase on several items, now take a moment to review the items included in this message and see if this is any of your interest.

With the Winter Energy Pack, you're getting a Safehearth and PowerwoRx, and we'll throw in a Pursonic Mister for you. That's a savings of 71-74%* on the Mister!

This is a limited time offer. Order now to take advantage of this great deal.

Prices just got up, slithly.

Winter Energy Pack item # US40832B

See more of the product info on

Call for your best price!

For those who are interested to enter a great business opportunity, I am attaching a link to OUR Family Economic Stimulus Package:

"EcoQuest is reversing the risk of starting a new business with this program," says Mike Jackson. "This package allows people to enter into a business with EcoQuest without fear. This is not an enticement, not something for nothing. It is a challenge."

With the new plan, if new or existing Business Owners buy a Success Pack or Clip 6 in February and vigorously pursue their businesses, EcoQuest agrees to buy back unsold merchandise for up to one year! Certain qualifications exist, so be sure to download the agreement.

Here is a combo info sheet of the package you are about to buy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best seller - Author, Robert Kiyosaki - video clip

As everyone is struggling these days, I just had a friend run this video by me.

When you look at good VS bad, poor VS rich, you start thinking how is that possible;
There is always a possibility for advancement and indeed, as the author is explaining is your will that will drive you to make the wright decisions in life; for some of us is the saturation of being poor for too long, for others is being tired of their boss, the politics, and for the most is not having enough MONEY - as a rule.....

(Around election time, everyone says - this president will resolve our problem, or always RICH people are favored - oh, well... let's face it, without them there will be NO jobs out there)
Then in the first presidential speech on the latest election, the president said: "It's time to be responsible, take control of your life,..." - yeah, that's wright!

Why not be one of them and then you will have your great satisfaction for all your achievements and the legacy you create.

This video is very educational and I got to have many friends that will agree with me, GREAT inspirational piece!

Enjoy the video clip; it's worth the time.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Healthland select - in Brief

In Brief -

Heartland Select grape juice is been growing in American for the longest times, it is a high-end juice product with a proprietary blend of red grape juices featuring MUSCADINE grape
juice as the primary ingredient.

The blend also includes syrah grape juice (we all had the syrah wine at lest once, I have no doubts) and cabernet grape juice, both of which provide high levels of antioxidants, and a natural grape pomace powder for added antioxidant benefits.

Benefits (the list can go on...)

  • • Helps you reach the recommended 3000 to 5000 daily ORAC units,with 3764 ORAC units per serving.
  • • Fights free radicals with a high proprietary blend of unique antioxidants from grapes.
  • • Helps protect against the negative health effects of pollution and other toxins.
  • • Promotes healthy circulation, immunity, and younger looking skin.I need Heartland Select if . . .
  • • I don’t consume at least 5 servings of high ORAC foods.
  • • I want extra support for healthy circulation, immunity and younger looking skin.
  • • I want to support nerve and brain function.
  • • My doctor or dentist has recommended an antioxidant supplement.
  • • I want to fight the aging effects of a toxic environment and poor diet.
Ingredients found in Heartland Select have countless scientific papers supporting their health benefits.

Take care of your Health and you Hearth!

I also included on opportunity video. For more info you can reach me at: or by phone at 608-588-2323

Learn more by viewing this page:


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Technology Reduces Exposure To MRSA Staph

This is a great time for a reminder to ourselves that MRSA is still out there; the fact that is more found in schools, whirlpool, showers, dormitories, should keep us on our toes.

MRSA "Superbug" has become more and more difficult to treat and it has migrated from hospitals into the community.
The general public can take preventative measures to stop the spread of this bacteria by avoiding skin to skin contact, covering cuts and scrapes, and washing your hands frequently.

Sending children back to school can be a relief for parents but also a cause for concern as they bring back, not only homework, but also germs. The MRSA infection, in particular continues to make headlines, but just how great is the risk to your child and is there is anything you can do help prevent the spread of this so-called superbug?

See the video and the product that some call it a Great Solution

There is an epidemic of Staph Infection; see more video (but
don't forget there is a solution to it - see link at


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

business opportunity - watch videos

your referral information is
Carolina Dursina
EcoQuest Meetings
Business Opportunity Presentations

Need some help using the new EcoQuest Business Presentation in your next meeting? Watch the Presentation with audio by some of our top leaders for pointers. You can also download and forward these from this message if you like.

Master Managers Sharon Gold & Evelyn Nelson

Master Managers Sharon Gold & Evelyn Nelson
Presenting the EcoQuest Business Opportunity.
Length: 0:20

View Video >

Master Manager Paul Svetz

Master Manager Paul Svetz
Presenting the EcoQuest Business Opportunity.
Length: 0:40

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Master Manager R. J. Buchanan

Master Manager R. J. Buchanan
Presenting the EcoQuest Business Opportunity.
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Master Manager Angelo Martino

Master Manager Angelo Martino
Presenting the EcoQuest Business Opportunity.
Length: 0:40

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Founder Mike Jackson (Heartland Select)

Founder Mike Jackson (Heartland Select)
Presenting the Heartland Select Business Opportunity.
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Executive Master Manager Dan Gibson

Executive Master Manager Dan Gibson
Presenting the EcoQuest Business Opportunity.
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Upcoming Meetings:
For Details Click location/speaker

February 12

Jacksonville, FL - Bob Colasanti

Meadville, PA - Ron & Maddie Dodson

February 14

Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Tom Lozano

Athol, ID - Steve Romanchuk

February 16

Benton Harbor, MI - Mike & Melody Melton

Brownwood, TX - Milton & Janet Garrett

February 17

Louisville, TN - Marvin Jackson

Taylorsville, NC - Jane & Dennis Gillen

Bethlehem, PA - Ed Hutchins

Greenville, SC - Evelyn Nelson

Columbus, IN - Tim Douglas

Johnson City, TN - Robia Turner

Ashland, KY - David & Margaret Dyer

Peachtree City, GA - Jeanne Cooper

Master Manager Evelyn NelsonWe can't ignore what works in this industry. Every time we have seen major growth, Opportunity and Training Meetings were prevalent. We can't just do it by phone and Internet. Meetings are simply about putting ALL of the SENSES to work. Hear-See-Touch-Smell - all are important in providing a TASTE of what EcoQuest, its products and its people are about.
- Master Manager Evelyn Nelson

Have you seen our new meeting and training documentation website yet?

Go to or log on to your EBC and look under "Dealer Events" to find local meetings held by Mike Jackson and other home office team members, as well as other EcoQuest Dealers in your own area. Want an easy way to advertise your own meetings to other Dealers? You can do that too!

Attending meetings may be the very best way to get new training, stay motivated, introduce new prospects to the Opportunity, and keep your business on track. Now, you've got an easy way to find out when and where meetings in your area are taking place.

Posting your own meeting is a great way to increase attendance and allows you to network with other Dealers in your area you may not even be aware of.

We'll be sending out a "New Meetings Update" on Tuesday of each week. If you are holding a meeting in your area, be sure to submit it before Tuesdays to make sure you are included in that week's announcement (for instructions on posting a meeting, see below).

Using the new Meetings website:

First, go to or log on to your EBC and look under "Dealer Events."

You can search for meetings by area or by date. Just click on the appropriate icon. If you are in Canada, be sure to click on the Canada icon on the bottom, right of your screen to find your local meetings.

If you would like to submit your own meeting, first click on "Request an Open Meeting" at the top, right of your screen, then log in with your username and password (the same you use to log in to your EBC). Once you have logged in, simply fill out the required fields (host, date, time, etc.), submit, and your meeting information will be added to the meetings page for others to view.

For meeting training and support tools, such as the new Opportunity Business Presentation, PowerwoRx Presentation, Heartland Message, and more, click on "Dealer Meetings Support" at the top of your screen. Practically everything you'll need for your meeting is right there on that page.

For more detailed instructions on how to navigate the new Meetings Site, click here.

We hope the new meetings page will be a great tool to keep you informed of our meetings, as well as help you share your own. Enjoy!

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